High Temperature GPC Molecular Weight Testing

Molecular Weight Testing is used to determine the molecular weight distribution characteristics of polyolefins.  This process is useful in a assortment of industrial applications where molecular weights are important.  These differences in molecular weights are necessary for characterization and other polymer properties.

ASTM D 6474 Testing Services

Polyhedron Laboratories ASTM D 6474 test methods measure the molecular weight distribution and molecular weight averages of polyethylene and polypropylene resins.  The variation in molecular weights and molecular weight distributions significantly affect physical properties and can determine product strength and flow rates.  Polyhedron Laboratories ASTM D 6474 tests are used for quality control and failure analysis applications.

Polyhedron Laboratories ASTM D 6474 testing dissolves a polyolefin sample into solvent then injects it onto a high temperature chromatographic column which has been packed with a solid substrate.  This process separates the molecules according  to their size in the solution.  Polyhedron Laboratories then detects the separated molecules as they permeate the column.  From here, retention times are converted through molecular weights and average molecular weight parameters.  Subsequent distributions are determined from the molecular weight concentration data.

Polyhedron Laboratories performs molecular weight testing according to ASTM standards and the ASTM D 6474 is the standard test method for determining the molecular weight distribution and molecular weight averages of polyolefins by high temperature gel permeation chromatography.  In this method polystyrene standards are used for calibration.

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