Microplastics Testing

The ever-increasing disposal of plastic wastes into the worlds oceans, bays, streams and lakes has over the years resulted in the slow degradation of these materials into microplastics which contaminate the entire planet, including tap water and bottled water.  The effect of this contamination on health has not yet been ascertained but is of concern.

Microplastics Testing Services

Polyhedron Laboratories, Inc. now offers detection of microplastics using the fluorescent staining of these particles by Nile Red followed by fluorescence microscopy and their definitive identification by micro FT-IR and micro Raman analyses.  The size range of microplastics amiable for analysis falls into the 5μm to 100μm range.  Water samples submitted to Polyhedron Laboratories, Inc. for analysis should be at a minimum of 50 mil.


See image of a typical fluorescent microparticle of polyethylene obtained from a consumer product.