ASTM Testing Lab & Services

Polyhedron Laboratories offers a wide range of testing services including many that adhere to ASTM Testing standards. The following is a list of ASTM Testing quality standards that Polyhedron provides. All ASTM standard descriptions below are paraphrased from the ASTM website ( Due to copyright restrictions, Polyhedron Laboratories cannot make available copies of standards. Standards can be found and are available at

ASTM Search Tool

  • ABS Plastics Testing
  • Accelerated Weathering Testing
  • Dielectric Strength Testing
  • Nylon 6/6 Testing
  • PET Testing
  • PTFE Testing
  • Plastic Mechanical Testing
  • Plastic Optical Testing
  • Plastic Physical Testing
  • Plastic Rheology Testing
  • Plastic Thermal Analysis & Testing
  • Plastics Chemical Resistance Testing
  • Plastics Creep & Plastics Tensile Strength Test
  • Polyethylene Plastics Testing
  • Polypropylene Plastics Testing
  • PVC Plastics Testing
  • Molecular Weight Testing
  • Volume and Surface Resistivity
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