Polymer Testing Services

Polyhedron Laboratories has been performing a broad range of testing services since 1973. Polyhedron offers testing services such as identification, thermal analysis, mechanical analysis, physical, rheology, electrical, optical, and chemical property testing of plastics, polymers, coatings and rubber. All of our tests comply with ASTM, FDA, ISO, military specification (mil spec) and ANSI quality assurance standards. Our newest testing service is tribology testing.

Polyhedron Laboratories delivers a full variety of analytical and testing services including:

Accelerated Weathering

The effect of weather conditions or chemical agents on the service life of plastics, polymers and elastomers are as significant as the basic physical properties of these materials. Read more about Accelerated Weathering

Chemical Resistance

These procedures deal with the evaluation of all plastic materials including hot-molded, cast, laminated resinous products, cold-molded, and sheet materials. Read more about Chemical Resistance

Creep Testing

Quantitative and qualitative analysis and testing of rubber and elastomers based on ASTM standard test methods. Read more about Creep Testing

Contamination Analysis

Contamination of raw materials, plastics, elastomers, coating and their additives can occur in many scenarios. Read more about Contamination Analysis

Elastomer Testing

Polyhedron Laboratories performs physical elastomer testing according to ASTM standard under a variety of constraints. Read more about Elastomer Testing

Electrical Testing

Polyhedron can perform electrical testing, such as Dielectric Strength (according to ASTM D 149-97a) and Resistivity (ASTM D 229-01), and Dielectric constant. Read more about Electrical Testing

Failure Analysis

The systematic application of polymer chemistry principles and testing methods for determining the cause of failure of plastics, rubber, coatings and composites. Read more about Failure Analysis

FDA Testing

Polyhedron Laboratories performs U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) testing to CFR standards. Read more about FDA Testing

ASTM Testing Services

Polyhedron Laboratories offers a wide range of services including many that adhere toASTM Testing standards. Read more about ASTM Testing Services

Mechanical Testing

Polyhedron Laboratories performs mechanical testing according to ASTM standards. Read more about Mechanical Testing


Microscopy is any method of producing visible images of details or structures too small to be seen by the human eye, by utilizing a microscope. Read more about Microscopy

Molecular Weight

Polyhedron Laboratories performs molecular weight testing according to ASTM standards, such as Gel Permeation Chromatography. Read more about Molecular Weight.

Optical Testing

Polyhedron Laboratories performs optical testing according to ASTM standards, such as Haze and Luminous Transmittance of Transparent Plastics. Read more about Optical Testing

Physical Testing

Polyhedron Laboratories performs physical testing according to ASTM standards, such as Dimensional Change of Non-Rigid Thermoplastics at Elevated Temperatures. Read more about Physical Testing


Polyhedron Laboratories performs rheological testing according to ASTM standards, such as Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Plastics in Tension. Read more about Rheology

Thermal Analysis

Polyhedron Laboratories performs thermal analysis testing according to ASTM standards, such as Brittleness Temperature by Impact. Read more about Thermal Analysis


Polyhedron laboratories has modified ASTM D7217 in order to provide coefficient of friction testing for plastics, elastomers and coatings against themselves, each other or against metal surfaces. Read more about Tribology

Polyhedron Laboratories, Inc. has the ability to perform thousands of standard tests and chemical reactions. Only a partial listing is referenced on the pages that follow. We invite your inquiries.

Other testing includes refractive index, friction, gloss, wear, haze, dielectric breakdown and resistivity.

Polyhedron fully participates in the ASTM Interlaboratory Proficiency Test Program D-20 for polyethylene and multiplastics mechanical testing. Participation in both of these programs has occurred every six months. ASTM proficiency test results along with same day calibration records can certify our testing results under any degree of scrutiny.