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Polyhedron Lab's Polymer Testing services are performed by its staff of degreed polymer chemists.

Polymers are large molecules made up of repeat units which connect to each other in either linear, branched or three dimensional networks. The number of units can be variable into the multi thousands. The existence, as defined above, was only first recognized in the 1920's. Polymer science is an inter disciplinary field requiring knowledge of organic chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry and now in some instances biochemistry. There are only a handful of universities that offer degrees in polymer science or polymer chemistry in the United States.

Polymer chemistry comprises the whole universe of the material, also referred to as macromolecules. The breakdown into sub categories is dependent on the commercial use.

For example, the following list below indicates the category and its use.



For commodity and engineering purposes.

Rubber or Elastomers

For flexible and elastic applications.


For decorative and corrosive applications.

Natural and Biopolymers

From living organisms that have useful applications in our society.


Mostly silicones used for thermal resistance and sealing characteristics.


For a multitude of other applications such as extenders, lubricants, antioxidants, photo voltaic pharmaceuticals and electronic applications to name a few.


Polyhedron Laboratories has the expertise, experience and equipment to analyze, test and solve problems in most of the above areas.

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