Polymer & Plastic Testing Services

Polyhedron is a Polymer testing lab that offers an extensive range of plastic testing services, rubber testing services, and polymer lab testing services to suit the needs for specific applications across industries. Polyhedron conducts the following tests according to ASTM standards. Below is a list of some of the many testing services offered by Polyhedron. If you do not see the type of testing you require, please contact us for more information.

Plastics Testing

Identification, thermal, mechanical, physical, electrical, and optical testing of plastics, polymers, coatings and rubber. Read more about Plastics Testing

Polymers Testing

Routine or non-routine testing and analyses on polymers used for many specialty applications and purposes. Read more about Polymers Testing

Rubber Testing

Quantitative and qualitative analysis and testing of rubber and elastomers based on ASTM standard test methods. Read more about Rubber Testing

Failure Analysis

The systematic application of testing methods and polymer chemistry principles to determine the cause of failure. Read more about Failure Analysis

Regulatory Analyses and Testing

Testing of materials and products by standardized methods to determine if they meet specifications. Read more about Regulatory Analyses

Organic Synthesis by Parallel Methods

Accelerated discovery of organic reactions and products by automated high speed methodology. Read more about Parallel Organic Synthesis

Aging and Service Life Testing

Exposure of materials and products to accelerated aging or environmental conditions with appropriate monitoring of chemical and/or physical changes. Read more about Accelerated Weathering Testing

Lab Extrusion Compounding

The preparation of research quantities of custom formulated plastic compositions for evaluation of their properties. Read more about Lab Extrusion Compounding

Research Projects and Special Studies

We are only bound by your imagination. Tell us what you need! Read more about Research Projects & Special Studies

Polyhedron Laboratories, Inc. has the ability to perform thousands of standard tests and chemical reactions. Only a partial listing is referenced on the pages that follow. We invite your inquiries.