Pyrolysis GC/MS Analysis Services

Pyrolysis gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) is a process that allows the breakdown of large, complex molecules into smaller, more perceptible fragments through the use of heat.  This process differs from chromatography-mass spectrometry by the type of sample to be examined and the method by which it is introduced. GC-MS has a number of applications such as identifying involative compounds and

GC/MS Analysis Services

Polyhedron Laboratories pyrolysis GC-MS testing introduces traces of intractable high molecular weight original material in order to analyze it directly as these materials are insoluble or too high boiling to be analyzed by conventional methods.  This examination may be preceded by an extraction of the sample through an organic solvent to remove free low mass components, which would otherwise obscure the analytical properties pertaining to the high molecular mass components of interest.

How can you Benefit from Pyrolysis GC/MS Testing?

Polyhedron Laboratories applies pyrolysis GC-MS for various qualitative analyses of thermoplastics, which are thermally degraded by pyrolysis into smaller, more perceptible components.  The structures of these components will then reveal data concerning the molecular structure of the entire polymer compound.   This technique is also useful in identifying many other additives such as plasticizers, antioxidants, slip agents, UV inhibitors and miscellaneous additives.

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