Fourier Transform Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

Polyhedron Laboratories, Inc. offers 60 MHz FT-IR NMR services using the TecMag TNMR software system.

Identification of compounds and chemical groups are based on the magnetic environment surrounding the hydrogen atoms in these groups.  In the most elementary explanation each specific chemical environment is associated with a chemical shift measured from a standard compound tetramethyl silane which is set at the zero position.  The area of spectral peaks is proportional to the number of protons in that group and is therefore significant in interpretation of the spectrum.

In addition to that, long range proton magnetic forces can effect the chemical shift of adjacent protons which result in spin spin coupling with formation of splitting patterns and coupling constants which are diagnostic of the chemical structure.  NMR analysis with this equipment requires that samples be completely soluble in deuterated organic solvents like deuterated chloroform.