• Plastics Testing

    polymer & plastic testing lab

    Plastics are polymers which are used in commodity and engineering applications. Polyhedron Laboratories routinely performs thousands of ASTM standard analyses and tests on hundreds of plastics, such as PET, ABS, Nylon and PVC PVC. We also now offer tribology testing.

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  • ASTM Testing

    plastic polymers testing lab

    Have you tried out our new ASTM testing tool? Simply select the type of test you are looking to get done, and it will show you the associated ASTM test. We perform thousands of tests to ASTM testing standards and are here to help with a wide range of testing needs.

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  • Rubber Testing

    Rubber Testing

    Rubber and elastomers are a subcategory of the general field of polymers and are differentiated by their ability to have elastic and sealing properties. Polyhedron Laboratories has extensive facilites for the ASTM analysis and testing of these materials.

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Types of Tests

We have the ability to perform thousands of standard tests.

Chemical Composition Analysis

We also have the ability to perform various chemical analysis tests.